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OUR VISION: To Build An Arab Mobile Internet Group.


Wonder News Technology Group was established in 2015 and is invested by SBCVC. It is a company mainly engaged in APPs and mobile GAMEs in MENA. As a key project of the "Digital Silk Road" in Fujian Province, it supports the provision of digital transformation and Internet entrepreneurship and innovation for Middle Eastern countries and regions along the "Belt and Road"

We have the world's exclusive intelligent distribution platform for Arabic. The company focuses on the self-developed Arab AI recommendation engine to enhance the user experience and deepen the localized operation. At present, we are committed to creating high-quality apps in content platforms, e-commerce, chat software, games and other aspects.

Wonder News Technology Group is headquartered in China, and has branches in Bahrain, Dubai, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and other places. We have an in-depth localized operation team and a leading R&D team with advanced technology. With more than 10 years of experience in the operation of the MENA Internet APPs and GAMEs, we are more familiar with the Middle East market. Today we have reached the strategic cooperation agreements with many Arab countries.


Powered by self-developed AI recommendation engine for Arabs

Wonder is a product based on recommendation engines, which connects people with information by recommending content to users. It is interesting, Pointed, Exclusive, In-Depth. Same News, Different Interpretations and plentiful columns are waiting for your visit.
Fala is an application focuses on online video playback and free to use. It gathers the funny, sports, music, classic animations. Discover the unknown and other popular video content in the Arab world. You can enjoy all the free videos online through Fala app.
WLive is the the most interesting chat community of live voice and video group. You can play free games with people from nearby or all over the world and invite your friends to your party anytime!
The camall is a Arab Cash on delivery (COD) E-commerce Platform. The platform can help users to explore wonderful and carefully-chosen things by tracking individual behavior intelligently.The categories cover electronics, home, luggage, accessories, cars, toys, beauty products, fashion and more.
WPay is a fast and secure online payment platform mainly for Apps and Games.It is safe, reliable, safe and convenient to recharge through various channels (online, retail venues, etc.).With the world's leading mobile payment patents, WPay combines the blockchain technology to build a value-based exchange system using the trusted security in the digital world.
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The mobile Internet in the Arab countries is in the growth stage, and the growth rate of Internet users ranks first in the world. The demand for various types of mobile phone applications is huge.

Meanwhile, 6 countries of Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC)are developed economically, where people with high consumption now have 2 smartphones averagely. In addition, 4G cellular and Wi-Fi make mobile applications grow faster.


National-level High-Tech Enterprise

Fujian "Digital Silk Road" project

Top 1 News App in the Middle East

Highly Recognized App in the Middle East

Get Featured on the front page of the App Store

App Icon get selected as the News Category's Icon on the App Store

Fujian Internet Economy Talent Award

A number of national invention patents


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